Environmental Justice and Health Disparities for EPHT

Investigator: Amy D. Kyle

We will develop methods to address environmental justice and health disparities in EPHT. We plan to assess the capacity and limitations of key data sets for integration of environmental justice and health disparities information into EPHT, including major national data sources and those identified by EPHT partner states; identify current practices, and propose a set of recommended practices for tracking environmental factors (hazards) and exposures by race/ethnicity and socioeconomic status (e. g., income, education, occupational status); continue to explore and assess conceptual approaches for environmental justice and health disparities information in EPHT; and disseminate key findings. We plan to collaborate with colleagues from Brown University, the states of California and Oregon, the US EPA, the National Center for Health Statistics, and other interested parties in this project. We also plan new analyses to assess factors that influence the school environment, indoors and outdoors, how these vary by race/ethnicity and SES, and how they are related to performance metrics.