Birth Defects Surveillance

Investigators: Sharan L. Campleman and Amy D. Kyle

Birth defects a leading cause of death for very young children and have long-lasting impacts on many children. The specific causes of most birth defects are not known, but environmental factors may play a role. Several groups have identified birth defects as a health outcome that should be better tracked and suggested that it would be appropriate to include them in the environmental public health tracking network.

We have developed an analysis of some of the issues associated with tracking of birth defects. We presented a poster that summarized this analysis at the national conference in April 2005, and a link to that poster is below. The analysis will be posted at this page.


Campleman S, Kyle AD, Balmes J. Birth defects - data availability and other factors relevant to environmental public health tracking: report summary. 19 Apr 2005. [PDF]