Amy D. Kyle, Ph.D., M.P.H.

Dr. Kyle holds research and teaching appointments in the Environmental Health Sciences Division at the School of Public Health at the University of California, Berkeley and is a co-investigator of the BCEPHT, a co-investigator on a multi-year project to develop measures reflecting children's environmental health, and director of the research translation core for the UC Berkeley Superfund Basic Research Program. Early in her career, she spent 13 years in public service in environmental protection, natural resources management, and public health and retains a keen interest in improving public health practice. Her research currently focuses on translation of scientific results for policy and stakeholder audiences; development of methods to represent multiple exposures and multiple effects; approaches to integrate expert and lay views into analytic-deliberative processes relevant to policy discussions with technical elements; policy approaches relevant to persistent pollutants; and children's environmental health. She teaches graduate students in environmental health science disciplines about the role of science, as well as other factors, in policy and how to communicate with non-technical audiences. She works with a variety of non-governmental and public interest organizations and serves on the California Breast Cancer Research Council, the board of counselors for the Environment Section of the American Public Health Association, and the Committee on Emerging Contaminants of the National Academy of Sciences.

BCEPHT Projects

Measures for hazards and exposures

Monitoring and surveillance for lead

Environmental Justice and Health Disparities for EPHT

Data for policy audiences on environmental factors and childhood asthma

Berkeley Tracking Consultative Group

Birth Defects Surveillance

Conceptual Frameworks and Approaches for Environmental Public Health